Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sequels: The Revenge!

UPDATE: I am not done cleaning out my closet; here is some more junk, updated and highlighted in red!

There have been many loose ends over the past few months; news that was commented upon, stories that were told, and observations that made that, once brought up, were put aside due to the exigencies of the moment. In the interest of closure, here are some updates:

1. Getting Smart on Alternative Energy: I posted on this topic last year, and time has not made this issue any less relevant. A friend introduced me to Zap Cars, which are compact, completely electric automobiles. A typical Zap car costs about 10K, pretty cheap! They have a short range and top speeds of about 40 MPH, so long trips are out of the picture. But for those with short commutes to work, what better way to stick it to Chavez and his ilk than to jet back and forth in an electric car? Maybe next summer I will buy a Xebra Pickup, and park the Jeep! Update: reader Taryn commented: If you're interested in a Zap electric Sedan or Pk- come take a test drive! I am in Glendale California at EnVironmental Motors. Check it out:

2. John Edwards' Two Americas: There were two America's for John Edwards this winter: The one he lived in, and the one he blogged in. Senator Edwards ended up receiving receiving flak for both of them. The Edwards Campaign hired two liberal bloggers for its online site, but failed to at a minimum Google either of them to check out past materials, which were expletive ridden and insulting to Catholics (or as some defenders claimed, "witty satire"). After some handwringing, Edwards opted to keep both bloggers on the staff, but they subsequently resigned days later The Edwards campaign drives on however, in all its poor-subject verb-agreement glory (it should read "Billions Have Been Squandered, no??). Meanwhile, the Senator's new 28,000 square foot home, a veritable Biltmore East, is nearing completion. The Senator took some good natured HEAT rounds for running a populist campaign on the one hand, and building a guilded age, Rhode Island-sized estate on the other. Such is life. Even if Senator Edwards fails to win the Presidency, at least all will find solace in the fact that he and his family will suffer little in the aftermath.

3. Britney Spears/Anna Nicole/Astro-Chick: Not too much new on either of these three critical fronts; Dear readers be assured, if news emerges on these stories, you will find riveting analysis right here! All in all, ought-seven is turning into a bizarre year for celebrities. Update: Lisa Nowak, the (allegedly) psychotic diaper wearing scorned astro-woman, has been released from jail, fitted with a small tracking device. Hopefully she is medicated enough to resist the urge to become the Spirit of Vengeance once again, riding like hell across America. . . which brings me to more surprising celebrity news: the Ghost Rider had a good opening weekend. What a surprise, I would have bet on that movie tanking. . . and according to a non-linked story on Drudge, "Britney Spears made a late-night dash to hospital after cutting off all her hair, a newspaper claims on Monday, and she begged medical staff: 'Help me'". . . And the body of the late Anna Nicle Smith is ready for viewing. . . And there is more evidence that Britney is not well . . .

Enough Wilsonizer Celebrity news, until the spring thaw, one would hope. . .

4. Nonbinding Morass: I quasi-liveblogged the Congressional nonbinding resolution on Iraq (in that I wrote the post and updates to it throughout the day), yet slept through the follow on failure of a similar motion in the Senate. Now that the resolution has passed/failed:

a. David Broder predicts a backlash against the harshest war critics, and a resurgence of President Bush?!

b. The Victory Caucus continues to gain momentum.

c. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says "A vote on Iraq will come"; Senator Hillary Clinton has now stated that troops should start within 90 days, and is introducing legislation to do as much; she further promised to end the war when she becomes president, if Bush fails to do so. Great.

d. Meanwhile despite the posturing, punditry and debate, life in Iraq, and the war, continue. And continue some more. . .

Hope you enjoyed the sequels.

And to finish this thread, the latest bigfoot sighting here.


Taryn said...

If you're interested in a Zap electric Sedan or Pk- come take a test drive! I am in Glendale California at EnVironmental Motors. Check it out:

Bob W. said...

Thanks Taryn, I posted the info right on the main page of my blog!!

Tiger said...

Should have bought one of those Zaps years ago for my wife. She's only 3 miles from work.

She's almost retired now, though! Could use one to go shopping I suppose!

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