Saturday, February 24, 2007

Convergence of Government Effort

From my Post over at the Elephant Bar:

American foreign policy challenges in the coming decades are more often than not going to require action in complex situations. The United States will continue to find itself involved in developing countries, where requirements of advancing regional cooperation, economic development, and deterring or neutralizing threats intersect, and thus require a multifaceted response; there will be more Djibouti deployments than DESERT STORMS in the coming years. Governmental agencies will be required to work side by side in organizations comprised of various law and humanitarian bureaus, and perhaps controlled by uniformed military personnel. On the ground, infantry company commanders will find themselves working together with FBI and USAID personnel more often than with direct support artillery batteries.
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Tiger said...

Bob! Sorry I missed the party over at the Bar.

Your technology metaphor is quite appropriate. This "convergence" has been evident for many years now, aided, in fact, by the advances in technology. With government looming larger and larger, as desired by the "sheeple", this coordinated interaction has become commonplace.

No real news here, Mr. Orwell predicted this long ago.

Tiger said...

See the full comment at the Bar!

Bob W. said...


Thanks again for reading my posts!

FYI, Those were SWAT guys who went into the house in Southern Florida, not military.

The point that I was trying to make WAS NOT that the govt. is getting larger and more intrusive; I was rather trying to say that most of the action agents of the government (MIL, FBI, DIA, STATE, etc), are beginninjg to work a little more effectively together, much like the Motorola Q device.

For instance, in an insurgency situation where one is hunting for a bombmaking cell, an infantry battalion will only be so effective rooting out the personnel in this type of network; combine the manpower/firepower of the infantry guys with an FBI team who can go in and do forensic investigations of personnel and locations, and you have synergy on the battlefield.

whit said...

Thanks for taking up the slack over at EB. That was a good post there. You are right about the technology and maybe the mil guys will get support from the FBI but I was thinking "good luck" with the State Dept" types and would you want to put your life in the hands of our intel people?

Tiger said...

Bob, that SWAT guy was ex DELTA Force and Green Beret. Do you really want your policemen using military tactics against children?

This is an example of supreme convergence! It's been going on for years!

Worth the read 1

Worth the read 2

... this goes on and on ...

you see, I'm really making your point - it's ancient history, though!

Bob W. said...


thanks for the article links; I read both of them and appreciate the info.

I agree that WACO/Elian Gonzalez incidents rank as some of the most controversial law enforcement actions n recent years.

I think that if you have a mind and enjoy living in a free society, you must ALWAYS be vigilant against the government, well meaning or not, encroaching on personal and societal liberty.

That being said, I would argue that the confluence of well-financed and heavily armed gangs/organized crime/narcotic organizations make it necc for Police and Federal agents to employ to employ military tactics when they conduct raids; better to "have it and not need it than to need it and not have it", as they say.

Whit, your comment is spot on; State department is weak, and is in need of the proverbial enema to flush all of the mediocrity out of their organization. THAT department is more in need of a legisltive overhaul than any other part of the govt.

That is why I put up the post about the PRTs; apparently the State department now has the lead on the new Iraq PRTs, and I was looking for feedback from readers on their effectiveness.

Tiger said...

The Police State

Perdita said...

Thanks for writing this.

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