Sunday, February 25, 2007

Confronting Fascism, Then and Now

Harrison over at Possum Bistro has an excellent post about the West's ability (or lack thereof) to confront Islamic extremism, comparing our fight today to Europe's fight against the rise of the Third Reich following World War I:

In 1939, Allied propaganda sought to demonise the
Germans as savage brutes obsessed with the spoils of reckless military
adventurism - a dominant theme that stuck with Prussia in its wars with
Austria-Hungary and France, and post-Bismarck Germany in 1914 - who threatened
to impose an anti-Semitic, xenophobic, anti-democratic, totalitarian,
militaristic and intolerant kultur on all of Europe - and possibly the world:
the Hitlerian signature seared into the consciousness of all peoples, the Third
Reich's imprint on civilisation.

Our oldest enemies have been resurrected, and
like Hitler, they have thrown down the gauntlet - a blatant challenge to our
culture and existence that we ignore at our peril. Until we are willing to state
what our principles are, and
stick to them, we will always be one step behind our

Read the whole thing.

I also suggest reading Terror and Liberalism, which ties into the themes of this post very well.


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