Saturday, February 17, 2007

Britney Spears: Ranger Candidate? ? ?

Why in the world did she do this???

Perhaps she is unhinged; divorce can be stressful, I've been told.

Perhaps there is another reason for the change in Ms. Spears' sudden, drastic change in appearance. Let us advance a theory here.

Maybe she is heading here, a place they say is "not for the weak or fainthearted". Pop princess or not, Britney is fairly tough and may have what it takes; after all, she did kiss Madonna once.

If that's the case, then all I have to say is "Good haircut, Ranger!"


whit said...

To go with the new buzz cut, she's gotten some new tattoos.

LOS ANGELES - Britney Spears appeared in a tattoo parlor in the San Fernando Valley with her head shaved completely bald.

Video on KABC-TV showed the newly shorn Spears with tiny tattoos on the back of her neck as she sits Friday night for a new tattoo _ a pair of red and pink lips.

"She just wanted something real small on her wrist, something dainty," Max Gott, the tattoo artist at Body and Soul in Sherman Oaks, told the TV station. "She got some cute little lips on her wrist."

Derrik Snell, who works at the tattoo parlor, said Spears showed up without notice and stayed for about 90 minutes as about 60 fans, photographers and gawkers gathered outside.

"She seemed fine," Snell said. "I didn't really notice (the hairdo) at first, she had a hood on when she showed up."

Bob W. said...

2007 is turning out to be an awesome year for celebrities!!!

Harrison said...

Just totally weirded out, bob.

Looks to me like a desperate publicity stunt to gain attention again. I wonder who put her up to it? Paris?

Bob W. said...

I think Ms. Spears has grown a bit unhinged.

It's fairly humorous until one remembers she has two little children.

Tiger said...

Ranger Spears!?!

At least the name is a good one!

Those classmates of hers would be too tired to enjoy her company though! : )

sexy said...