Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wilsonizer: Jetlagged, But Back in Business!

Wilsonizer is safe and sound at home, after a short trip half-way across the world and ever slowly back again.

I spent many a night in overstuffed billets, warm transient tents, and the ubiquitous C Hut, and kept my sanity largely due to this amazing device (thanks for all the iTunes gift cards by the way, mom).

I had spotty access to news and internet over the past few weeks. However, critical events nonetheless proceeded at a lighning pace in my absence, as is to be expected. Give me a day or two to catch up to what has transpired in my absence, and the site will be up to snuff just as quick.

Hopefully the Ambien kicks in soon, and I can get some sleep tonight. . .

1 comment:

Harrison said...

Welcome back, bob!

You've been missed.