Thursday, January 04, 2007

Changes on the Ground in Iraq

From the BBC:

Adm William Fallon will replace Gen John Abizaid as head of US Central Command and there will be a new ground commander in Iraq, ABC News reported. . . . ABC said Lt Gen David Petraeus was expected to replace Gen George Casey as the leading ground commander in Iraq

Admiral Fallon is currently the Commanding General of United States Pacific Command. Here is a bio.

LTG Petraeus currently commands the Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He was a driving force behind the new Counterinsurgency manual, and his efforts at changing the mindset of the military in COIN is detailed in this post at the Elephant Bar. Here is a decent bio, too.

I am unfamiliar with Admiral Fallon, but I cannot think of a better officer to command U.S. forces in Iraq than LTG Petraeus; I have no doubt that he will provide guidance to the leaders and policymakers inUnited States government as they craft strategy for Iraq, and he will masterfully execute plans and policy on the ground.

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2164th said...

It is hard to find a more land-locked country than Iraq. There should not be much need of naval air in Baghdad. hmmmmm.