Thursday, December 07, 2006

. . . . in the Saddle Again!

Yes, I am back! Actually, I never left, I just lost interest in blogging for a bit, but alas, the Wilsonizer is rising to the occasion during a time of great tumult. Much has changed since the sunny days of May, when last I blogged on these august pages. The Iraqi Study Group Report is out there. I am going to download, bind and read it tomorrow, and start commenting soon afterward. Most of the blogosphere is summarily underwhelmed with its contents thus far, though (even the folks over at kos).

Back in May the makeup of congress was substantially different than it will be next month as well. At least voters in my old home state sent this guy the right message!

So yes, things have changed. Some things have stayed the same, however.

And the Wilsonizer is getting back up to speed to turn this into a first rate blog once again.

Keep reading!

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