Thursday, December 28, 2006

Finders, Thinkers, and Linkers

The Belmont club has a terrific post examining the importance of the new communications frontiers entitled "The Blogosphere at War". It is one of the more insightful posts on the relevance and meaning of what we have come to call the blogosphere. In his analysis, blogger Wretchard categorically organizes bloggers into groups of "Finders, Linkers, and Thinkers", and discusses some of the apparent laws of this new communications medium:

The blogosphere will turn its energies with equal ferocity to every side. Populated as it is by people from all walks of the ideological spectrum, the blogosphere itself has no inherent political bias. Bloggers with Left wing, Right Wing, Arab, Israeli, European and American, religious and atheistic viewpoints will be simultaneously scrutinizing every scrap of information that raises its head above the Event Horizon. The blogosphere is no one's friend. But it will be unkindest to the side which relies the most on cant and propaganda to spread its message. . . The political side which tells the most lies and falsehoods is likely to suffer more at its hands than one which hews more closely to the observable truth.

I would reinforce Belmont's post by suggesting the blogosphere has many of the characteristics of a complex adaptive system, in that the finders, thinkers, linkers, and readers collectively exhibit "
complex behaviors that emerge as a result of often nonlinear spatio-temporal interactions among a large number of component systems at different levels of organization". As such, we can expect the system's behaviors to continue evolving, affecting the way we understand and impact the world around us.

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