Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Afghanistan Study Group?

When will the time come to reassess the strategy in Afghanistan a la the (much maligned) ISG report?
Hopefully sooner than later.

The level of violence has surged in recent times, and despite all our efforts, Afghanistan's ability to viably administer its territory has scarcely changed since its democratically-elected government was formed.

Other than its robust poppy crops, Afghanistan's economic development has also been dismal. No corporations planning to build massive factories to employ tens of thousands of Afghanis are on the horizon, either.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has effectively ceded control of its border region to the Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists. These insidious groups now have an effective safe haven in which to train, recruit and recover from successful operations across the border (and maybe across the globe).

Why wait until poll numbers are in the toilet for Operation Enduring Freedom to assess where we are in terms of our efforts, and the best way forward to achieve our goals?

Hopefully, organizations and institutions are doing it right now, quietly, lest James Baker and Lee Hamilton get shoved down their throats.

Just a thought.

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