Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sickblogging, Yet Again.

All three kids are down with a stomach virus, which is why I haven't been too prolific on either of my blogs lately, folks. Rest assured I am not "slacking off" and will be back at it full throttle as soon as the familia has recovered.

In the mean time, here are a few items to chew on:

1. A brothel in Germany is shaken down because its advertisements featured scantily clad women and the Saudi Arabian Flag, Spiegle reports. Tigerhawk has more.

2. The Magoo Politic, a liberal blog whose author proclaims that she is "addicted to Randi Rhodes, has been on hiatus for exactly one month. Her last post (where she attempted to defend Helen Thomas without introducing any form of logical effort whatsoever) was 26 March. Every time I check to see if TMP has been updated, it makes me feel guilty that I have not posted anything recently on my own blog. And if you don't post, you're not relevant. So get cracking Magoo!

3. Kos throws out a dizzying array of numbers to put a positive spin on Crashing the Gate's lackluster sales (as reported by Drudge).

4. I probably won't go see this Vampire Musical (?!) the next time I visit NYC. Sorry, Elton.

5. A Harvard Sophomore, flush with cash from a six figure book deal, nonetheless failed to read chapter 8 of Turabian (dealing with footnotes), and yet another plagiarism scandal is born.

6. Dan Rather may start blogging; just what Wilsonizer needs: more cutthroat competition. I'll never be able to retire and live off adsense revenue now!

7. And a Grease Fire wreaks havoc through middle America, according to the folks over at the Onion.

Keep faith in Wilsonizer, dear readers; I will be back in good form in no time!

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