Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sen. McCain and the Jobs Americans Don't Want

Senator John McCain gave a speech this afternoon to union leaders in Washington DC, and was asked some pointed questions about his stance on illegal immigration:

McCain [when asked why he supports allowing illegal immigrants to stay in this country] responded by saying immigrants were taking jobs nobody else wanted. He offered anybody in the crowd $50 an hour [note, this seems like a misprint; my guess is McCain said $5.00 an hour] to pick lettuce in Arizona. Shouts of protest rose from the crowd, with some accepting McCain's job offer. "I'll take it!" one man shouted. McCain insisted none of them would do such menial labor for a complete season. "You can't do it, my friends."

Some in the crowd said they didn't appreciate McCain questioning their work ethic.


Senator McCain has bought into the myth that immigrants do work that would otherwise go undone in America. In actuality, the presence of a large, unaccounted for work force drives the price of labor down, so that American workers are unable to make a living in the U.S. economy as unskilled laborers.

It is pleasant to see organized labor taking Senator McCain to task for this illogical stance. Americans are more than willing to do any job that pays a living wage, and do it well; McCain's legislation, however, will deny many Americans the opportunity to work at all.

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JuliaMazal said...

Are the illegal workers being paid less than minimum wage? Can the farmers _afford_ to hire Americans and compete with the produce grown elsewhere? In Ontario, the farmers really can't find Canadians to pick fruit on their farms. But they usually bring migrant workers in legally through gov't-approved programs. (From what I understand.) Canadians who would otherwise take these jobs, are perhaps are in urban centres, or possibly opting for welfare instead.