Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rest in Peace, Sergeant First Class Robinson

Yesterday, I was honored to attend the funeral and grave side services of Sergeant First Class Christopher Lee Robinson in Madison, Mississippi.

SFC Robinson was a Special Forces soldier killed by anti-coalition insurgents in Afghanistan last month.

There was a wall of green in the church and at the cemetery where SFC Robinson was laid to rest, as soldiers and veterans came from near and far to pay their last respects to this fallen warrior.

The freedom riders lined the streets of Madison with Harley Davidson motorcycles, and each rider stood proudly with an American flag as mourners entered the stately church. Later, the riders mounted their Harleys and proudly joined the funeral procession to the cemetery, instilling a loud, almost martial spirit to the solemn occasion. No one who passed by that funeral procession had to doubt that a warrior was being laid to rest.

At the cemetery, as family laid roses upon SFC Robinson's casket, one could feel their heartbreaking grief as each one said their final goodbyes. Christopher Lee Robinson was many things: a beloved father, husband, and son, a friend to many, an eagle scout who wanted nothing more than to serve his country, and in the end, a professional soldier who gave America everything he had.

I was honored to be there, and I hope that the example that this man set inspires others to believe in and fight for the values that make this such a wonderful country.

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