Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Real Security, Buried Deep!

Wilsonizer is spoiling for a fight! I was really hoping to see the Democrats craft a strong position on national security, latching on to more fleshed-out positions by PhD's from, say, the Brookings Institute. Momentum would build, PhD's would sign on to write even more monographs to support the Dem positions, and at last there would be a true clash of ideas between the parties when it comes to subjects like national defense and homeland security.

However, within hours of unveiling their five page "Real Security" PDF document (ten pages if you count the Spanish translation), Cynthia McKinney walked around a metal detector and landed above the fold of newspapers around the world.

And in the days that followed, there has been scarcely a whimper about the objectives listed in "Real Security" . Do the democrats even know about their new national security plan?

And now, "Real Security" has fallen off the top of Is this a case of negationism? No, not at all, the plan is still there on the site. But it is hard to find, and you have to do some serious scrolling to dig it out ( A few items down from "Dean on Bush's Crumbling Credibility"). And if you weren't looking for the dem's security plan, you surely would not come upon it by accident on

If the democrats continue to approach "Real Security" with no enthusiasm whatsoever, one can expect the rest of the voting public to do the same as well.

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