Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Prince Harry Joins the Ranks

From The
Daily Mail:

Prince Harry marched in front of the Queen today at his passing out ceremony at Sandhurst. As he commissioned as an officer in the Army, the 21-year-old third in line to throne took part in the military college's historic Sovereign's Parade.

He is joining the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals where his rank is referred to as a Cornet. He will serve in an armoured reconnaissance unit and train to become a troop commander, in charge of 11 men and four light tanks.

The Prince could be sent to serve on the front line in Iraq or Afghanistan, with one senior Army figure saying today it was "eminently possible" he could be in a danger zone within 12 months.

Public figures are often maligned in the West for a lack of civic spirit or willingness to sacrifice; Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 911 had a scene where the director ambushed numerous congressmen walking about the capitol in an attempt to get their children to "enlist for Iraq". Moore attempted to demonstrate that the power elite in Washington, who are more than willing to send soldiers to war, are considerably more guarded about their own children. Moore's argument is that the children of privilige end up say, playing lacrosse at Duke, while the great unwashed end up on the battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever.

Prince Harry's service as an officer in a combat arms oufit once again shatters the annoying myth that military service is for those who have nowhere else to go. The Prince's decision to serve his country in uniform sets a terrific example for his peers in England, and is a bright spot for a royal family whose travails are more often detailed on the gossip page instead of the front page.

Congratulations on your commission, Prince Harry, and best of luck to you in reconnaissance. Scouts Out!

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