Wednesday, April 05, 2006

McKinney's Follies Illustrate Dem Security Dilemma

The Dem's Real Security plan, in addressing homeland security, states that the party's goal is to

Provide firefighters, emergency medical workers, police officers, and other workers on the front lines with the training, staffing, equipment, and cutting edge technology they need[emph added].

It is difficult to stay on message, however, when a congresswoman from your own party has a grand jury investigation against her for allegedly assaulting the police who are there for her own protection.

Even worse, the Dem's security message is further dampened by said congresswoman's insistence that the scrape with a police officer occurred because of racism and racial profiling:

Something that perhaps the average American just doesn't understand is that there is a heightened sense of a lack of appropriateness being there for members who are elected who happen to be of color," McKinney said, "and until this issue is addressed by the American public in a very substantive way, it won't be the last time."

The Democratic leaders (and the rest of the Democrats in Washington) are wisely leaving McKinney to twist in the wind; however the lack of a statement of condemnation for her absurd behavior, in an incident involving a police force that exist to protect Congress itself, makes any Democratic claim of "Real Security" ring hollow.

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