Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Dem's National Security Plan Dissected, Pt II

One week after the highly touted release of the dem's "Real Security" plan, and you'd be hard pressed to see anything in print about it. No democrats are touring or giving speeches about national security, and about how the democratic plan for securing America's interests is superior to what is being done now.

And why is that?

One can only hazard a guess, of course. My own guess is that most of the current democratic leadership (Pelosi, Reid, Dean) do not feel comfortable talking about national security. I don't expect to hear the Democrats offering much more than a pointed critique of the Bush administration's efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in securing the homeland; this is apparently easier than going to and memorizing talking points from their own national security plan.

This is truly disappointing, actually. Elections should be all about choice; once again, the Democrats appear to be distancing themselves from the national security arena, leaving the voters with the decision to either support Republican efforts in this arena, or to "roll the dice" and choose the democrat's haphazard approach to securing our nation's interests.

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