Saturday, March 04, 2006

Wilsonizer is Back!!

I arrived home last night after several long weeks of training in Alabama and Kentucky. The 10-plus hour ride back last night, across Kentucky, West Virginia, and North Carolina, conducted in the throes of a serious head cold, was the most grueling part. Kudos to the drivers and navigators who let me be a vegetable for most of the trip, as I listened to my Ipod and felt the miles pass me by!

I was living in a news blackout the whole time, and other than little snippets of stories crossing Fox News or CNN whenever I ate in a dining facility, I was blissfully ignorant of the current goings-on. Alas, I have to play a serious game of catch up. Here is some of the stuff I found of interest across the internet this morning:

Michelle Malkin is providing excellent coverage of the religiously-motivated attack on students at UNC-Chapel Hill (about 45 minutes up the street from where I am sitting now, by the way).

The fellas over at Powerline continue following the trail of a misleading Ap report on the President’s Katrina Briefing. That story seemed destined to end up dissected in the blogosphere!

LGF is chock full of good stuff, although I found this piece on Rachel Corrie illuminating.

Gateway Pundit is covering the controversy in his home turf over proposed Missouri legislation pertaining to Christianity. The most controversial part of this story appears to be (once again) how this legislation is being reported in the media, rather than the content of the legislation itself.

Mickey Kaus, of course, has his hand in a little bit of everything. I particularly like the cartoon he linked to.

And of course, Jessica Alba feels misled by the conniving types at Playboy.

Yes, yes, much catching up to do. . . .

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