Monday, March 06, 2006

What's Going on in Iraq?

The title proffers a good question, doesn't it? The answer, as always, depends upon whom you ask.

General Peter Pace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently said " Iraqi Government and Security forces are developing very well", and that he is optimistic about Iraq's future. . .

But on the other hand, there are reports that the humanitarian situation in Iraq is absolutely dire, and this is leading to increasing instability in the region. John Pace, a former officer at the UN assistance mission in Iraq, says the nation has deteriorated to the point that things are worse than when Saddam was in control. . .

Then again, the March 1st 2006 State Department Status Report cites numerous quantifiable items across diplomatic, informational, military, infrastructure, and economic lines of operation that can definitely be construed as progress. . .

And yet again, Congressman Jack Murtha denies
any progress is being made on any front in Iraq, despite the items issued in the State Department's report. . .

And Cindy Sheehan was arrested again, this time protesting with a group of Iraqi women outside the U.S. mission to the United Nations. The Iraqi women were attempting to convince the diplomats to support an immediate withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, carrying the Code Pink Women Say No to War petition on hand, as always. Go figure!

So there you have it. One question, and an inestimable number of answers, all of which contain various shards of the truth (or maybe none at all). If you want to truly know what is going on in Iraq, the only thing you can do is to keep reading and watching, and decipher the trends through the various layers of bias in every report (personally, I would call into question anything Ms. Sheehan has to say, however; she is little more than a living PR prop now for the groups that have embraced her and use her to further their causes. Go ahead and go to Code Pink's website (linked above) if you want a feel for their philosophy, and if the word pragmatism does not often figure in your vocabulary).

There are a few good sources in the above post which are interesting to look at, however. The State Department Report, which provides quantifiable actions being taken on a weekly basis, is definitely something to come back to occasionally to look for trends.

So keep tuned in, and continue to seek the truth in whatever manner you can find it.

Post Script. I forgot to mention Iraq the Model. This is a great Blog, written from a unique perspective, and often provides a unique, riveting view into what it is like to live in Iraq; great links to other Blogs on this page as well.

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