Friday, March 17, 2006

Sick Blogging, Live from Home!

The throat cultures are back, and we have a verdict: everyone in Wilsonizer's household is down with
Strep. That's a picture of Streptococcus pyogenes up top, by the way (not mine, though!)

We started our anti-biotics, ate lots of ice cream and snacks, and napped through most of a lazy Carolina day.

I'm lacking motivation in my feverish state. Therefore, in lieu of crafting a post on something, here are some interesting subjects, and links to explore them a little more thoroughly.

Operation Swarmer. Lots of traffic on "the Largest Air Assault since" out there. By the way, as a former proud member of the 101st, I always smile whenever I see something written in the papers about a "largest air assault"; a quote like that can only emanate from the public affairs office of the "only Air Assault Division in [Oak Grove, Kentucky] the free world, ha ha! Air Assault! Countercolumn provides a little clarity on Air Assault Operations; Belmont Club laments the mediocre press coverage; meanwhile, over at Mudville Gazette there are all kinds of links to learn more about what's going on, just scroll down! UPDATE: KOS Folks, of course, are dripping with bile and subsituting rage and sarcasm for analysis over Swarmer; check out the comments section to get a feel for the "enthusiasm" of progressive activists across the country.

Saddam Docs have been out for about 24 hours now! Michelle Malkin, of course, is all over the newly released Saddam Docs; no doubt she'll keep us all updated as they get translated and analyzed. Speaking of translating, Iraq the Model claims to have done just that over at his site.

Rachel Corrie. LGF discusses the Left's near-canonization of the late Rachel Corrie.

Why Mommy is a Democrat. OK, tell me, democrats out there, would you really read this tripe to your 4 year-old before bedtime? I don't believe it, I really don't. Or maybe I just don't want to believe it. Gateway Pundit has a little more on this wonderful [indoctrination tool] children's book; Powerline has some more on this from a few days back.

For Laughs. Don't read this if you're a baby seal lover! And speaking of laughs, Tom Cruise apparently does not have much of a sense of humor these days (although he apparently has some clout to shut down South Park). And over at the Onion, a conspiracy theorist has a lengthy er, hypothesis explaining while he is still single after all these years.


Gateway Pundit said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Bob W. said...

Thanks, Jim.

I felt better today, and my kids were doing better today, as well.

JuliaMazal said...

Aw, yuck - strep?! Poor entire househould! Hope you're all feeling better and up to speed. Take it easy. And buy those kleenex with the aloe - they save wear & tear on one's nose.