Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ingratitude of "Christian" Peacemakers

Stalin once said gratitude is the disease of dogs, and perhaps Christian Peacemaker Teams took those words to heart.

How else to explain their apparent ingratitude to the British and U.S. military forces that rescued them, risking life and limb to ensure they did not suffer the same fate as fellow peace activist Tom Fox? Christian Peacemaker Teams gave no thanks to their rescuers whatsoever, at least publicly. Their release statement does not even acknowledge they were rescued, but instead cites their suddenly free status as the result of being "released".

Meanwhile the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi captives (a dubious number if there ever was one) is mentioned in their statement, apparently to display solidarity with the Iraqi people:

During these past months, we have tasted of the pain that has been the daily bread of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Why have our loved ones been taken? Where are they being held? Under what conditions? How are they? Will they be released? When?

Perhaps this group plans to continue operations in the Middle East, and fears antagonizing Islamic militants by praising the men who rescued them from certain death. It would make a small amount of sense not to celebrate the military action of Westerners in this case, purely for security reasons. But if this is not the case, and the group is guided by the belief that any US activity, no matter to what end it is pursued (like rescuing naïve activists from fanatics and criminals who would murder innocents for so many pieces of silver, coin that would likely be used to initiate further mayhem) originates from malevolence, then these Christian Peacemaker teams have truly lost their way.

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