Monday, March 13, 2006

Information and the Global War on Terror

For those interested, the Multi National Forces in Iraq have their own web page
HERE. This site has been gradually improving over time, I must admit. However, there are still no links to bloggers anywhere that I can find on the page. A blogroll with caveats ("The opinions on these blogs do not necessarily reflect Blay Blah Blah") would further the reach of the page and assist in the informational aspect of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Overall, the site has more of a public affairs feel to it; MNC-Iraq's web page seems designed to provde information for someone looking for a quick generic overview on operations in Iraq, rather than as a dynamic tool for getting MNC-Iraq's messsage out with teeth. Also, the site is English only; three years into Operation Iraqi Freedom, why is MNC-Iraq not getting a message out across the internet in other languages (say, for example, Arabic)?

The informational aspect of the Global War on Terror has been identified as
being crucial to our success, even while the U.S. has been admittedly behind the power curve fighting in this medium. Just recently, General George Casey, commander of multinational forces in Iraq, stated that the media was "exaggerating" the extent of sectarian conflict and it was a detriment to the cause. If the MNC-Iraq web page was used as more than just a "feel good" public affairs vehicle (ie as an informational tool to get the command's message forcefully and loudly out to the masses), maybe there would not be so many "exaggerations" out there in the main stream media. In fact, maybe the MNC-Iraq web page would
BE the main stream media. Just a thought!

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Bushwack said...

If you want to get the truth from the media try this, Spend 1/2 hr watching CNN and another 1/2 hour watching fox. After you are done sit down and talk to god. You still wont know anymore than when you started but you wont be as angry.