Friday, March 10, 2006

Good Teacher. . . Bad Teacher Part III

Jay Bennish was reinstated as a teacher today, following an investigation after one of his 10th Grade students recorded his "unorthodox" lectures last week (he compared the US President to Hitler at one point, in a Geography class).

Obviously, the school board's investigation of Bennish concluded no harm no foul with Bennish's class, although the article leaves readers with the feeling he received a reprimand of some sort for straying too far from the World Geography course material.

In another article, Jay Bennish explains what he has learned from the incident

Social studies teacher Jay Bennish told Cherry
Creek school leaders Thursday that he should have used a different dictator when comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler in a geography class, his lawyer David Lane said Thursday.

Bennish also told district officials that he should
have balanced each lecture "contemporaneously" on controversial issues rather than over the course of the term, Lane said.

Well, whether or not Comrade Bennish's future lectures/indoctrinations are truly "balanced", students will learn more about the world as he compares the President to Chile's Pinochet, Spain's Franco or Pol Pot of Cambodia.

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