Sunday, March 05, 2006


I ran into this tiny little posting over at the Mudville Gazette:

Now You See it...
Greyhawk you don't.

The Tall Afar story has disappeared from Daily Kos (although the tags remain) and another site where it was posted.

That's odd. I wonder why.
I was out of the net for the last few weeks, so I have been doing my best to catch up on the goings-on across the internet. This story was definitely intriguing. I followed all of the links, and from what I could tell, DK was calling into question the veracity of a letter written to a US Commander by an Iraqi Mayor thanking him for American support in Iraq. Suddenly, the post apparently disappeared from DK with no explanation. It leaves one to wonder aloud. . .

What responsibilities do blogs have to their audiences in terms of accuracy and accountability? Ask one hundred bloggers and you'll likely come up with an equal number of answers to that one.

Anyway, here at my somewhat pedestrian blog (my daily readership equates to about one minute's worth of view time on sites like the apparently ever-changing Daily Kos), I have not deleted a single post since I started blogging late last year.

Now, I have made changes. I routinely add updates to my postings as stories develop. Sometimes my web browser does not let me p ost graphics, and I am forced to add them later as a revision. And yes, I admit it, if I catch a spelling or grammatical error in something I have posted, I simply have to correct it. I cannot help myself.

If I ever do make a mistake (and I have no doubt that I will), I will post a correction or retraction. And it will be as transparent as can be, right in front of you in this blog.

I think that's as good a policy as one can have as a blogger. It beats making a bad posting "just disappear into the ether. Something about that amounts to Soviet-style negationism. It just seems sinister to me. . .

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