Friday, March 10, 2006

Appetizer Tray

eeling lethargic today and unwilling to devote energy to rooting out interesting stuff? Here are a bunch of nifty items from across the internet.

Powerline has an interesting post on CAIR, with links to other articles covering this "mainstream" organization.

Slate Magazine's John Dickerson figures the odds for a Democratic takeover of Congress this fall.

You say you don't like Slate, well Daily Kos doesn't like it either apparently, according to this post!

Meanwhile. . .

Iraq the Model asks Where is Zarqawi?

According to a new Harris poll, the military is the most trusted organization in America. (Not for long if Joe Galloway and company have their way!)

Wind of Change digs deep into the Netroots, and casts a critical eye on what he finds.

Always good to check and see if there are any new photos of sasquatch. . .

And speaking of photos, Reuters finds time to crop a pic of VP Cheney to portray him unfavorably. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

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