Monday, March 13, 2006

And the Award for Most Ingnorantly Subversive Goes to. . .

The inestimable John Leo has a great article today about some of the most repugnant honors and awards in American society. Unsurprisingly, most of these awards are granted on the campuses of America's colleges and universities. Some examples given in Leo's article:

  • Stanford University gives the Allan Cox medal each year for faculty excellence in guiding student research. Cox was a professor of geophysics and dean of the school of earth sciences at Stanford. He committed suicide in 1987 while under investigation for sexually molesting the son of a former student. The molesting allegedly went on for five years, starting when the boy was 14.
  • Villanova University installed a memorial plaque honoring a professor who killed her Down syndrome baby and herself in 2003. After protests, including some from parents of Down children, the plaque was removed. A spokesman said, "At no time did the university nor anyone associated with the university intend to devalue the sanctity of life.
  • One of the most elegant prep schools, Phillips Exeter Academy, gives an annual Edmund E. Perry Award for "diversity and cultural awareness." Perry was an outstanding black student at Phillips Exeter who was shot to death in Harlem while trying to mug a plainclothes cop.
Read the rest of the article, especially if you want to get your blood pressure up. Leo sums up the farce with an account of the latest nominee for a Nobel Peace Prize, the late Tookie Williams.

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