Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thought Police, Online in China

Jingjing and Chacha, cute little thought police of the PRC!

Here is a disturbing article about Chinese (thought)policing of the internet in their country. A highlight of the type of control measures the PRC has in place to monitor speech and stifle dissent:

In a demonstration at the Surveillance Centre, part of an internet division that has seen its staff more than double to 100 in less than a year, officer Xu Qian shows how the Jingjing icon[ which represents the communist authority's monitor system in place online] keeps pace whenever a user of a local discussion website scrolls down a page.

“He is just like a policeman, interactively moving along with you. Wherever you go, he is watching you,” Mr Xu says[emph added].
Absolutely Orwellian, don't you think? The cuteness of the icons representing government monitors is particularly sinister.

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