Saturday, February 11, 2006

More on Current TV (I am NOT Snarky!)

A reader accused me of being "snarky" in my criticism of Current TV yesterday, so I felt compelled to do a little soul searching this afternoon. I tuned in to channel 126 (current tv from my time warner cable provider), and watched numerous pods for about one hour.

I found some of the pods to be highly informative; a mini-documentary about child soldiers in sub-saharan Africa was particularly well made. Nonetheless I switched off the channel (to a fascinating rerun of NYPD Blue, by the way) and made the following two conclusions:

1. The Channel, with its young hosts and producers, has the feel of MTV in the early '90s; I keep waiting for Conor Knighton to tell me that Jenny McCarthy and Singled Out are coming up next.

2. While some of the Pods are excellent, others are not; worse still, some of the excellent ones don't interest me. Why should people care? Because this type of programming, as unique as it is, has a major weakness: it is haphazard, and unlike orthodox television formatting, viewers have to be patient and hopeful for content to come up that interests them. To me, it is akin to sitting next to a person who is surfing the web; you have to hope the guy is going to websites you are interested in, as you have no control. Right now, the only control that people have when they are watching Current is to change the channel. Apparently, many people are doing just that.

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