Sunday, January 15, 2006

Murtha Marches Left

Representative Murtha continues his advance leftward to the Lunatic Fringe, Bob Novak reports this morning.

Murtha recently met with leaders from the radical organization Code Pink, whose activities to advance world peace have included giving money to people connected to the insurgents in Fallujah, Iraq, picketing outside of Walter Reed Army Hospital, attempting to indict President Bush for War Crimes, supporting anti-semitic leftist Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, etc., basically page one out of the leftist playbook on how to achieve lasting peace in our times.

Rep Murtha has kept himself in the news lately largely because the press attaches extra gravity to a combat veteran calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq. I did a little reading on the Congressman's official website this weekend, and I find it a little disingenous that he is meeting with groups like Code Pink while simultaneously claiming he wants to bolster American security here at home. Murtha’s stated position against the Iraq war is largely predicated on his belief that

“It is time to “change the course” of our Iraqi policy. It is time to wage an effective war against international terrorism.”

Jack Murtha’s “strong defense” stance is hard to believe when he is taking time for photo ops with Code Pink, who have no agenda whatsoever to defend Americans from the threat of terror. Their plan to keep America safe is akin to the Vichy plan to keep France out of the hands of Nazis, if not worse. Standing alongside a group that is not only anti-war, but arguably anti-American as well, makes one doubt any politician’s sincerity on issues of national defense.

Like the rest of us, Rep Murtha has a right to his opinion, however foolhardy and shortsighted it may be. In my humble opinion, it is important to expose the dichotomy between a politician’s statements and his actions, which is what I am trying to do here. Regardless of one's opinion on Iraq, I hope everyone who believes we must defend ourselves against terror will take a minute to think whether Rep Murtha meeting with Code Pink is doing anything to make this nation safer against terrorists with a global reach, which is one of the Congressman’s key points to opposing continuing support for Operation Iraqi Freedom.


JuliaMazal said...

Randomly found your blog from the list blogger shows when it updates. I'll keep checking in to learn more about military issues that the media doesn't discuss. Thanks!

Bob W. said...

JuliaMazal, thanks for reading my blog; I bookmarked yours as well. Good luck with the novel, that is one of my long procrastinated goals as well!