Sunday, January 01, 2006

Looking Back at '05, Forward to '06

2006 is quickly upon us, and as I sat here this evening contemplating what to post today in The Wilsonizer, I thought about the big changes my family and I experienced in 2005:

1. Of course, the biggest change of all was the birth of beautiful Samantha Kathleen in March. She started crawling two weeks ago, and along with her two brothers is helping to keep our house in cheerful chaos (It is diffficult to blog when baby Sam is racing towards that stray penny on the floor that one of her brothers dropped there just moments ago!).

2. We moved from sunny and hot Kansas to sunny, hot and humid North Carolina. We live on the coastal plain in Fayetteville (Fayette-Nam!) now, sandhills and pine trees.

3. Traded in the tiny townhouse for a not so small ranch with a big back yard. More space = lots more stuff, so 2006 will be the year of paying down visa.

4. Transitioned from a student life of leisure in a Master's program to the daily grind of a regular Army unit.

5. Star Wars Episode III meant my two boys would henceforth be armed with toy light sabers in every available color, and that I would be tripping over the battalion of stormtrooper figutrines deployed all over our floor ( of course, I'm the one who bought the DVD and watched it with them like 50 times, so I only have myself to blame).

6. Lest we forget, Wilsonizer launched on the last day of 2005!!!!

All in all, 2005 was a banner year for us here at Wilsonizer. Here are some thoughts and hopes for what lies ahead in 2006:

1. Elections should prove to be extremely interesting this year, and I am sure we'll follow them closely.

2. Hopefully we will continue to move forward in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that our efforts in both those conflicts aren't imperiled by political machinations here at home. Expect some good discussions right here.

3. With any luck my unit and I will deploy to one of the aforementioned places and I will find updating Wilsonizer on a daily basis to be a challenge!

4. Again, I hope I find my stride with this blog, and that I prove interesting enough to get more traffic and dedicated readers.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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